Apple Mac Quadra 605 Server

Processor: 68LC040 @ 25MHz
Network: Ethernet 10 Base-T Nubus card
HD: Iomega Zip 250 SCSI

HTTP Server: MacHTTP 2.6
FTP Server: NetPresenz 4.1
CGI: MacPerl 5.2.0r4

I wanted to try running my own web server. I thought it would be fun to see how well it would run on old Mac harware. I really considered using my Mac Plus, but a few limitations came up which made it not possible -- with a clock speed of 8 MHz and Ram maxed at 4MB, it could have served pages fine, but there would have been no SSI or CGI support. Also, my Asante SCSI to Ethernet adapter somehow died during a move, so that really put a stop to that idea.

So I decided to use my PB520c. Power consumption should be good compared to the Quadra 950, and it's small enough to fit anywhere. After getting it up and running, one problem arose -- when a power outage occurred, it could not restart itself.

So, I ended up using my Quadra 605. It turns out that of all my Macs, this one uses the least power (30 Watts, opposed to the 950 at 300 Watts!). Plus, this machine holds a little sentimental value. I got it used for free from my employer in the early 90's after they moved to PCs. It was my first 'modern-day' machine by today's standards. My first machine to go online -- my first email -- my first game written in C -- my introduction to internet porn - my first visual MIDI sequencer -- my first google search -- all on this machine. Seems fitting to use no other Mac but ths one.