Ted Szczypiorski

About me:

I'm a web programmer by day. By night, I'm a family man with my wife and kids. Very late at night, I'm either noodling around on a guitar, or I'm geeking it up writing code and playing with wires.

The purpose of this site is to share some of my things -- music, games, pics, opinions -- so browse around, have fun, and let me know what you think.

I am still developing the site, so most of it is under construction.


Jan. 6, 2019Fixed the Contact Me form.
Feb. 21, 2007Puzzle Piece Panic! is now available! Download here, or purchase the cart and manual from PackRat Video Games.
Aug. 5, 2006The Mr. Roboto puzzle has been solved! - Click Here for details and solution.
June 9, 2006Timex Sinclair Movie Player posted - Click Here for details.
Apr. 29, 2006Mr. Roboto! Contest Announced! Click Here for details.
Mar. 31, 2006Mr. Roboto! is now available! Download here, or purchase the cart and manual from PackRat Video Games .
Feb. 23, 2006PackRat Video Games will be at the NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo 2006 this weekend where Mr. Roboto! will be on sale!
The cart and manual will be available on-line at PackRat Video Games in a few weeks, as well as the rom file to play in the emulators. more...
Feb. 6, 2006I've put some Timex Sinclair material here.
Sept. 8, 2005All did go well! Mr. Roboto! was running at the PackRat Video Games table. Here are some screenshots.
Aug. 21, 2005If all went well, PackRat Video Games is demoing my new O2 game at CGExpo! It's currently a beta test, but fully playable. I'll hopefully be putting up some screenshots in a week.
June 27, 2005I made my first 3d animation -- the spinning Odyssey man. All of the parts of the new game are done. I have to fix a couple of gliches, though.
Nov. 15, 2004It's been a while (I know), but I've been busy with the next Odyssey game. The game will have 3 sections and an intro screen. 2 of the sections are completely done and playable with sound, voice, and AI. The 3rd part I guess you can call the 'boss' screen. Parts of this are similar to part 2, so I have a head start.
June 10, 2004Packrat Video Games has released Planet Lander! Buy your copy today from their store!
April 5, 2004Updated and fixed a few typos in the Planet Lander! Manual.
Mar. 22, 2004I walked out of my house today to find my car was stolen!
Mar. 20, 2004I went to the Philly Classic Gaming Convention. I met with Packrat Video Games and we are in negotiations about producing a cartridge for my Odyssey2 game. Woo Hoo!
Mar. 19, 2004Six Bucks Even is breaking up. Our last gig will be April 17 at The Exeter Sports Bar.
Feb. 10, 2004I finally finished writing a game for the Odyssey2 and have started another. more...