Controlling robots is the game
Outlined in the Roboto name
Do not think the game is done
Even if a CPU has won

If solving puzzles makes your day
Now is the time for you to play
Begin the journey by looking for
Items that just may open a door

Not all things are as they appear
And you may find clues are near
Report your findings and you'll realize
Your goal, in the end, will be a prize

Mr. Roboto! Contest

Hidden throughout the Mr. Roboto! cartridge and instruction manual are clues that lead to a secret message.

If you think you have found it, go here and enter the message. The first person with the correct message will receive a prize from PackRat Video Games that includes:

  1. 13" x 19" poster of the Mr. Roboto! cover.
  2. Autographed copy of my next O2 Cartridge
  3. $25 gift certificate to PackRat VG

Check back here frequently, because I will periodically give out hints. You may use the same form as above to ask questions. The answers, though, may be posted for everyone to see.

Some hints to get you started:


Good Luck and have FUN!!!